Different types of psychic readings

For millennia, people have been fascinated with soothsaying. Guide and guidance are the new aspect of that vista. The tools and methodologies employed vary as well, because psychic readings come in all kinds of snazzy packages. Knowing about these different types can help you determine which one suits your needs the best.

  1. Fortune Telling with Tarot Cards

Tarot cards are a very common form of psychic reading. There are 78 cards in a tarot deck and each has its unique imagery and symbolism. The tarot reader, the person who supplies this service, arranges these 78 cards into an arrangement called “spread”. The meanings and positions of the quilted cards taken together combine to respond your queries or provide clarification.

Life’s most rugged riddles can be answered and a tarot deck can address a lot of different aspects of life. Tarot readings have helped with matters involving love, career and personal growth. Some people go to the tarot expecting general enlightenment, while others may have something more specific to ask. Remember the cards do not predict future events with any degree of certainty. Instead, they in a mirror sense provide an outlook on what might be set to happen in view of what has already happened.

  1. Astrological Howls

Usually, astrology interpretations are made based on the positions of celestial bodies. These include stars, planets and the moon. By using your birthdate and the time of day you were born, birth location an astrologer can prepare what is known as a birth chart, natal chart. That is a map of the positions of celestial bodies at the moment you were born.

An astrology reading can reveal a lot about your personality, including where the seams show, and how you must deal with this or that temperamentally. Astrologers are able to make predictions about future trends in your life as well. These predictions take into account the movements of celestial bodies and their relationship with your birth chart.

  1. Tell Your Character From Your Palms

Palmistry is the art of the chiromancer, the palmist. The palm reader looks at the lines, shapes and mounts on your hands. The different parts of your hand each give varying meanings. The major lines of the hand are the heart line, the head line and the life line.

It can help you understand who you are, and your potential. Nor is can also offer you details about your past, present and future. Part of the crowd see palmistry as a kind of play, but others think it helps bring out deep thoughts in them.

  1. Mediumship

This involves communicating with spirits from another world, called mediumship. The medium acts as a bridge between that unseen spirit world and the material world we live in here and now. Many people seek out mediums to help them connect with loved ones who have died. Mediums may convey messages which go back to the past to rekindle memories, offer comfort in times of grief and bring closure to problems left unsolved.

There are various types of mediums. Mental mediums receive messages through thought, feeling or image, while physical mediums make it possible for spirits to take over their bodies and communicate through them. Mediumship can be an intensely emotional experience.

  1. Numerology

Numerology is the study of numbers and their mystical meanings. According to the numerologist’s theory, numbers will reveal unknown truths about one’s life. They examine the numbers linked with your name and birth date. Each number has its own vibration and significance.

A numerology reading can reveal your life path and destiny. As well, it shows what talents or challenges are waiting for you. Numerologists are also able to predict events of the future based on numerical patterns.

  1. Aura Readings

Aura readings focus on those bands of energy surrounding the human body-they are the aura. The aura is a bright light of different colors which sheds light on one’s vitality. Each color in your energy field has a different meaning. If you are an aura reader, you can sense or see such colors and understand their import.

Aura readings can tell you about your emotional and physical condition. They can also give you some idea of whether or not you are well spiritually. Many people go in for aura readings to understand their own energy field and to make positive changes in how they feel.

  1. Clairvoyance

Clairvoyance means “clear vision,” a person with clairvoyant abilities gains information through visions and images. Such visions may pertain to past events, the present or even future ones. They may also see symbols which need interpretation.

They can help decision making and understanding complex situations.

They can use tools like tarot cards or crystal balls to enhance their visions.

  1. Ascendant_aondio

There are ancient symbols called runes in rune readings. These symbols are related to ancient Germanic alphabets. Each rune has its own meanings and impulses. In a reading, runes are drawn and interpreted according to their position and combination.

rune readings can guide one through life’s various aspects. They can make you understand the difficult situation, grasp the opportunity. Runes for meditation and self-reflection

  1. Crystal Ball Readings

Reading a crystal ball entails gazing into a clear or reflective orb. A reader, or scryer, will gaze into the crystal ball in order to get visions. These visions may be symbolic and connected, or they may be concrete and rigid. Crystal ball readings stand in a tradition of clairvoyant activities.

This type of reading offers both insight and predictions. To achieve the best results, it requires a high level of concentration and intuition from the reader. Crystal ball readings can be very mystical and mesmerizing.

  1. Tea Leaf Readings

Reading tea leaves, or tasseography, is an ancient practice. After drinking tea, patterns on the bottom of a cup with remaining leaves are formed. A reader divines the meaning of those patterns.

Tea leaf readings can reveal parts of the future or personality. Often, they are considered a fun and intriguing form of divination. The patterns might simple or complicated, but the interpretations can stretch across a broad spectrum. ())

  1. Pendulum Readings

A pendulum reading is done by using an object on a chain to sway the pendulum. When someone asks a question to which it wants a yes or no answer, the pendulum moves appropriately.

In this type of reading, you can ascertain basic information very quickly. It can give clear and direct answers to questions. Some people use pendulums to check their energy fields or chakras.

  1. Reading I Ching

I Ching, or the Book of Changes, is an ancient Chinese divination system. Using hexagrams created by the throwing of sticks or coins, each hexagram corresponds to a specific text in this book. I Ching Readings

An I Ching reading offers insight and direction. Decision making becomes easy and life’s changes share their secrets with you. The I Ching teaches us to focus on our own energy flows and 6this balance.


Psychic readings come in many forms. Each has its own particular insights. From tarot cards to crystal balls,they are each beautiful in their own way. Knowing these distinctions can help you to choose one that will vibrate with you.